How To Work With Difficult Celebrities For Event Success

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“Please we paid them already let them perform and go.”

“They should all manage jare me I can’t come and kill myself.”

“That is why me I don’t like working with him/her o, he/she is too difficult”

Have you ever made any of these statements while working with celebrities at your events? You are not alone. Celebrities can be to be difficult to deal with – they nag, make ridiculous demands and don’t even show up on time!

Here are 3 ways to work with difficult celebrities for a successful event:

Change Your Attitude

To deal with any difficult situation, you must have the right mindset.

Celebrities Humans can be difficult to deal with.

The truth is we all nag, make seemingly insensitive demands and don’t always do what is expected of us. Celebrities are no different. When you realize this, you don’t take things personal.

Pro Tip: Focus on what you can control instead of what you can’t.

Plan For The Worst Moods

In any hospitality business, you have to be ready to deal with the work that comes with diversity.

What you think people want and what they actually need are not always the same.

To plan ahead for the worst moods at your event, make sure you take care of these 5 basic backstage provisions:

  • Towels – Make sure you have more than enough. Quality matters.
  • Sodas & Alcohol – Account for varied preferences and possible conflicts in brand affiliations. Have options available.
  • Water –  Play it safe. Have cold and room temperature water within reach. Always go with a reputable and ‘tasted’ brand.
  • Food – Provide easy-to-eat meals. Serve hot foods ‘hot’ and cold foods ‘cold’. Label meals for allergies and dietary restrictions.
  • Privacy – No pictures. No Stanning. No Famzin’. Train your backstage staff to be professional. Do not disrupt your celebrities’ creative process. It is best to save photographs and autograph requests until after performances.

Prepare Your Team

Always have a trained dedicated team to manage your backstage experience. Knowing what to expect helps prepare your staff to handle difficult situations. Use each team member’s strengths to manage the backstage activities.

If all else fails, take a moment to breathe and remember this isn’t heart surgery. Enjoy the hustle.


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