My very own blog!

Welcome y’all!
I have yielded to the very many suggestions to start a blog. From as far back as 2008 when I wrote a note on Facebook about MI’s album listening event, to when I shared my prison visits experience, I got a lot of friends telling me of how good & captivating (I guess I managed to fool them all) my pieces were and how it would make sense to start a blog,

For those who know me well, I am very much the queen of spontaneity as I am the duchess of procrastination lol.
for when am not doing it immediately, I will postpone and postpone till the very last minute, the term lastminute.com was coined for me!!!
Well, my excuse has always been that I am not an ‘on the spur’ writer, and I have to be moved to write about anything at all. As Tosyn Bucknor will tell you I hate to chat, my response to her messages is always let me call you.

So what will this blog be about? oh well mostly stuff that go on in my ‘Queendom ”The GreenRoom’ a realm where I reign supreme, now that’s the egoistic part of moi coming to the fore. On a serious note tho’ I will be ‘talking’ about every and any topic that catches my fancy and you can also be sure of first hand gist from the green room coupled with my ‘Hospitality Tips’ section, yayyyyyy I have a lot planned but hey! lets see how it all pans out. Also as I am new to this I will be experimenting with a lot of things e.g. layout, theme etc.I crave your indulgence ahead.

Oh well I guess I have ‘said’ enough for one day, I look forward to updating this blog frequently and I hope together we create a wonderful blogworld full of laughter & fun, once again Welcome!

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Leave your comments